The WorldVision



Cloud Cognitive AI

The WorldVision increases customers’ concentration and help them make choices and buying decisions quicker, thereby improving the cost performance of the sales process.
The use of the WorldVision cloud AI system makes it possible to analyze the big data and small data of the WorldVision and predict the next step to take based on KPIs, strategies, etc.

ザ・ワールドヴィジョン 活用事例 「トヨタ GR YARiS」

トヨタの「GR ヤリス」のスペシャル映像コンテンツにも、ザ・ワールドヴィジョンは活用されています。

ザ・ワールドヴィジョン 活用事例

トヨタの次世代予防安全パッケージ「Toyota Sefety Sense」を周知させるコンテンツにも、ザ・ワールドヴィジョンは活用されています。

Use case of the WorldVision

The WorldVision is also used in the contents that Toyota Motor Corp. has created to promote its a bundle of active safety features, Toyota Sefety Sense.

ザ・ワールドヴィジョン ユーザーの声


User feedback on the WorldVision

We conducted interviews to find out how the WorldVision is actually used during sales activities.

週刊エコノミスト(2017/5/23 特大号) | WEEKLY ECONOMIST 2017/5/23


Next-generation sales support tool and training program designed to activate the “brain” that have allowed Toyota dealers to phenomenally increase their sales performance

Japan’s industrial sector is now faced with a host of urgent issues, such as labor shortages due to the declining birthrate and aging population, the Government-led work style reform calling for shorter working hours and the need to improve labor productivity. How should individual businesses address these issues? Here are innovative cases of two Toyota dealers achieving significant results by introducing our next-generation sales support tool and training program based on cognitive science.
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月刊マーケティング・ホライズン | MARKETING HORIZON


What awaits us beyond Big Data

using a cognitive science-based system called the WorldVision and analyzing the obtained data. The dealers that have the WorldVision in place have continued to achieve record profits. The data we have analyzed may be called Big Data,
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日経Bizアカデミー | Nikkei Biz Academy


Cognitive technology – leading-edge IT used on a full scale by Toyota and IBM

It is said that a sales talk using the WorldVision increases the customer’s concentration and memory ability by as much as seven times, compared with one conducted with a paper catalog alone.
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新潟トヨペット・長崎トヨペット | Niigata Toyopet・Nagasaki Toyopet



The WorldVision Café



Seminar to create a “learning” organization

The WorldVision Café is a training program in which individual employees learn how to visualize their goals, achieve success and enrich their lives. It contributes to improving customer satisfaction by boosting the skills of sales staff, converting attendants into members of the sales force and building a mutually learning organization.
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Feedback from participants (employees)

We interviewed the participants in the WorldVision Caf̩. A lot of interesting stories are included here Рhow the Caf̩ program made the participants realize many things, how the training changed the participants, etc.



Feedback from participant (managers)

Here is the feedback from managers who have adopted the WorldVision Café for their corporate training.



人間が感じる心地よさを設計する認知科学を建築の分野で役立てます。繋がる喜びを設計し、その場所に新たな価値、気づきを提供します。THE SPACE VISION は建築士・管理建築士の坂野由典氏と青山プランニングアーツが作ります。


Dialogue for the future of the Earth



Speech by the 14th Dalai Lama in Japan

Planned and moderated by Akifumi Onaka
Mr. Onaka is a cognitive scientist who serves as head of Aoyama Planning Arts, Inc. With innovative vision…
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世界初 政党WebTV

World’s first Web TV featuring a political party



Election communication strategy for the Democratic Party of Japan

Aoyama Planning Arts developed D-Vision, a system for broadcasting videos of the manifesto (pledges) and other messages of the Democratic Party of Japan for the lower house election via the party’s website.
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Japan’s first manifesto



Election communication strategy for the Democratic Party of Japan

By integrating the cutting-edge means of communication, Aoyama Planning Arts created a variety of innovative works – including Japan’s first manifesto that won the grand prize of the buzzwords-of-the-year contest, TV and radio commercials, the world’s first Internet video broadcasting station featuring a political party that earned the IT Innovation Award and a series of newspaper ads and posters that received the Tokyo Shimbun Award – leading to higher political party approval ratings and successful branding.
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Investment Trust Web TV



Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.

Aoyama Planning Arts designed and produced a Web video site, Investment Trust Web TV, featuring videos to explain the investment trusts dealt with by Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.
We have built a system whereby individual investors can get a second opinion and gain a thorough understanding before buying investment trusts. The purpose of this site is to reduce the sense of anxiety that individual investors may have when they purchase financial products.


IT connects 200 islands

パラオ共和国 遠隔医療サービス


Telemedicine service in the Republic of Palau

In the Republic of Palau, which is situated at the western end of Micronesia in the western Pacific, a project is about to begin to build a computerized system focused on video-based interactive public services.
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Presentation at the IOC general assembly


2008年北京オリンピックの招致におけるIOC総会プレゼンテーションにおいて、Cyber Visionベースで映像メインのコンテンツ企画・制作を行いました。 IOC総会での映像によるプレゼンテーションにより、北京市の取り組みやホスト国に相応しい施設等について効果的に伝えるプレゼンテーションの効果もあり、北京が2008年のオリンピックの開催地に決定しました。

Beijing, the government of the People’s Republic of China

Aoyama Planning Arts designed and produced CYBER VISION-based main video content for the IOC general assembly where the Chinese government sought to host the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008. The video-based presentation shown at the IOC general assembly was effective in letting the meeting attendees know about the efforts of the City of Beijing and the facilities appropriate for hosting the Games among other things. Partly thanks to this well-designed presentation, Beijing was selected to host the 2008 Olympics.
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CYBER VISION system developed in Java



Based on the cognitive structure model of the left and right hemispheres of the brain

CYBER VISION created by Aoyama Planning Arts is a system developed in Java. This presentation tool, based on the cognitive structure model of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, is used in many different industries for many different purposes such as the IR presentation tool of Suruga Bank and the sales support system of Hitachi Maxell.
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Ubiquitous Summit



Pursuit of next-generation solutions

Thorough debate on “ubiquitous”
Pursuit of next-generation solutions
A forum meeting called BITS2004 was held for a two-day period on June 8 and 9 under the auspices of Nihon Unisys, Ltd. At the Ubiquitous Summit, the opening event for the executive stage, famous people from different fields thoroughly debated what “ubiquitous” was. A lot of insightful views were expressed.
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World’s first Java-based video system


日立マクセル株式会社は(社長:赤井紀男)は、2000å¹´7月から営業支援および経営戦略の分析をサポートする新しい営業支援システム(「maxell Link’ll Port」:マクセルリンクルポート)を、株式会社青山プランニングアーツ(社長:尾中謙文)と共同開発し、マクセルの営業担当者がこのシステムをインストールされたノートパソコンを携帯….

Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

How a sales support system has promoted the use of IT in sales activities
– Development and introduction of “maxell Link’ll Port” based on Java programming –
Since July 2000, Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. (President: Norio Akai) has been working with Aoyama Planning Arts, Inc. (President: Akifumi Onaka) to develop a new sales support system (maxell Link’ll Port) that provides support in sales activities and business strategy analyses. Hitachi Maxell has its sales reps carry laptop computers with this system installed in order to speed up and streamline their sales process, push forward the sales activity reform and promote the use of IT.
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Fourth Kogurebito International Film Festival in 2016



“Kiseki” wins the grand prix

At the fourth Kogurebito International Film Festival in 2016, the film, Kiseki, directed by Mr. Akifumi Onaka won the grand prix.


Third Kogurebito International Film Festival in 2015



“Submarine” receives the Forest Award

At the third Kogurebito International Film Festival in 2015, the film, Submarine, directed by Mr. Akifumi Onaka received the Forest Award.



Mr. Onaka writes a song titled “Kiseki”

A song titled “Kiseki,” written and composed by Mr. Akifumi Onaka, was released as the theme song for the film of the same title.


Visits to good-luck spots in Japan



Trips for better fortune – Just looking at these locations can make you happy

The “Kaiun TV (Good-luck TV)” is a program in which cast members visit good-luck spots in many places of Japan and find out about their sources of power and secrets. The destinations include Japanese sacred places, such as the summit of Mt. Fuji and Izumo-taisha Shrine, which are aligned along a straight line drawn at a latitude of 35 degrees north on the map of Japan. The mysterious straight line connecting all these holy spots is called the ley line. Ley lines have been discovered and worshipped in many parts of the world.